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One of the best ways to save on your energy bills in by ensuring you are not on a standard or more expensive energy tariff.

Generally if you have been with the same energy supplier for more than 18 months then it is likely you could find a cheaper tariff.

Often the smaller energy suppliers are able to offer cheaper tariffs because they have less overheads

The Institute for the Developement of Energy Assessors (IDEA) has teamed up with UK Power to create a comparison website for the clients of its members. As I am a Fellow of IDEA my clients can use the comparison site. So please check and see if you can make savings. It takes a couple of minutes.

You can access the comparison portal by clicking below:
IDEA Comparison Website

The Energy Efficiency Charity Severn Wye have teamed up with the Energy Helpline to also offer a comparison website. This can be accessed by click the lin below:
Severn Wye Comparison

Both are free to use. So you could try each and see if they give you the same result.
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